9 Countries Where Scholarship and Study Abroad is Best for You

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Top 10 tips for winning scholarships as an international student.

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Apply for 2022 Apple Summer Internships for Students Worldwide

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Australian Scholarships at Monash University for Postgraduate Students in 2022

Australian university Monash is currently looking for qualified local and international students who want to study there. The Monash University Scholarships are offered to eligible students to cover full tuition fees and a stipend of $30,000 per year. Her scholarship has provided enormous financial support, particularly to international students, and Monash University is currently placed … Read more

7 Business Lessons You Can Learn from Startups

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Top 10 Countries To Study Abroad

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5 Tips on How To Get Scholarships At University

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2022 University of Queensland Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students

The University of Queensland Undergraduate Scholarship provides qualifying international students with study assistance of $60,000 to attend the university. Since Queensland has earned more Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) than any other university in the nation, it has a strong focus on teaching excellence. It also draws many of Queensland’s top academic achievers as … Read more