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10 Best International Universities to Study Abroad

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If you’re considering studying abroad in a foreign university, then it’s important to know where the best universities are in the world

This list contains the 10 best universities worldwide to study abroad. There are many great universities, but here I have selected the top 10 that come across to me as being the best in terms of academic excellence, affordability, and quality of experience.

All of the schools listed are in English, so if you are studying in a non-English speaking country you will need to study the language beforehand. If you’re looking to expand your horizons and gain new perspectives on the world, I encourage you to think about studying abroad. Here are the top 10 universities:

The following universities are the top 10 best international universities offering programs abroad.

1) Harvard University:

Harvard University is ranked first in international rankings for academic excellence. It is known as one of the world’s leading universities and it’s no wonder that it is ranked first in its field. Harvard’s impressive reputation is built on many pillars, including research, teaching, and the quality of student life. Harvard students benefit from some of the best schools in the world.

As of the Fall 2015 semester, Harvard University has over 30 study abroad programs located around the globe. The university boasts some of the best undergraduate education programs in the world, making its top international universities to study abroad list.

2) The University of Manchester:

Studying abroad is a very popular decision amongst students who are looking to gain new experiences and build upon their own knowledge. University of Manchester offer an excellent international experience. They have better understanding of culture, language, and history. This makes them more marketable.

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3) University of Cambridge:

The University of Cambridge is one of the top universities in the world. It’s ranked among the top 20 universities worldwide, and it is one of the top universities in the world for studying abroad.  University of Cambridge provides a global view, encourage international students and faculty, and offer international-focused education.

4) University of Oxford:

Oxford is regarded as one of the best universities in the world to study abroad. The University of Oxford was founded in 1396 as Oxford College, a place of learning. It became an independent university in 1833. It is a member of the Ivy League. The university has been ranked as the top university in the world by several publications, including The Times, the Financial Times and the US News and World Report. The school came in at No. 3, followed by the University of Cambridge.

According to the magazine, there are 1,200 universities that offer degrees from around the world. Of those, the University of Oxford and Cambridge hold the top two spots. Oxford holds a significant advantage over Cambridge, since the University of Oxford offers its students the opportunity to study in English

5) University of London:

University of London is among the most prestigious universities in the world. However, University of London is considered as one of the best international universities in the world.

They provide a high quality of education and have a variety of courses in various subjects including Law, Finance, Management, English Language, Computer Science and more. Students can pursue their studies after the completion of their bachelor’s degree in the University of London.

6) The University of Chicago:

The University of Chicago was ranked #1 overall and top 15 in the United States and top 5 in Europe. It was also rated the top university for international students in the world in 2014. It’s one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. It’s no surprise that students study abroad because of its outstanding reputation, competitive environment, and global reputation. The University of Chicago offers a variety of programs in the US and internationally.

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While the University of Chicago has long been the premier university for business studies and economics in the United States, it’s also one of the best universities to study abroad.

7) Cornell University:

The Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is located on the Ithaca campus of the Cornell University, New York. The college has been ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world by Quacquarelli Symonds in 2008, and as the 9th-best agricultural university in the world by the same organization in 2014.

This means that Cornell ranks among the top 5% of all universities around the globe, and is one of the only universities in the United States that has two undergraduate colleges.

 Cornell University’s list is based on the quality of the education offered by the institutions. The universities are ranked according to the US News & World Report. The quality of education offered at these universities makes the students very competitive in terms of their prospects after graduation.

8) The University of Pennsylvania:

The University of Pennsylvania (Penn) is a private Ivy League university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The main campus is in the northern portion of the city, while Penn World Library and other administrative offices are located in the southern half of the city. Penn is a member of the Ivy League. Its undergraduate student body consists of about 10,000 students, including over 1,800 international students from more than 130 countries.

(Penn) has been consistently ranked among the top universities in the world, and this is partly due to the high level of international programs offered to students. Most of the courses offered through these programs are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). The school also has one of the largest alumni networks in the U.S.

9) The University of California, Berkeley:

The university is consistently ranked as one of the best international universities to study abroad. The university is known for its research and innovative teaching methods.

The university is known for its research and innovative teaching methods. The University of California, Berkeley has been ranked one of the top  universities in the world since the first ranking was conducted in 1954. The University of California, Berkeley is part of the University of California system and enrolls students from all over the world.

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UC Berkeley offers more than 40 study abroad programs, many of which are available to students with undergraduate degrees in any field. Many students study abroad while they are attending college, but UC Berkeley offers academic credit for students who complete their courses online or in residence.

10) The University of Wisconsin, Madison:

The University of Wisconsin (UW) is a public research university located in Madison, Wisconsin. Established in 1848, UW has five campuses around the state and one in the capital city of Washington, D.C. UW offers undergraduate programs in more than 200 areas and graduate programs in more than 100 areas.

Students choose from over 80 majors and more than 200 minors, concentrations, and certificate programs. The school offers programs in the sciences, humanities, social sciences, fine arts, business, education, and law. They also offer study abroad opportunities.

The University of Wisconsin, Madison is a very prestigious university in the United States. It offers a wide range of courses to students that will allow them to study abroad. They have campuses located throughout the US and Canada, and in other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand.

In conclusion, There are many factors that you should consider when deciding on where to study abroad. The list below provides a top ten ranking of international universities based on several criteria such as: student body diversity, tuition costs, student satisfaction, and academic reputation. As a result, they can bring back a newfound sense of pride and global perspective to their home community.

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