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9 Countries Where Scholarship and Study Abroad is Best for You

While there are many benefits to studying abroad, they come at a price. Here are 9 countries where scholarships and study abroad programs are best for you.

Your life will be so much easier if you spend your next two or three years studying abroad, through a scholarship The benefits of studying abroad are numerous: it boosts your confidence, develops you into a global citizen, teaches you to work well with others and prepares you for the world of work.

The only thing stopping you from studying abroad? Financial reasons. If you think that paying for your tuition, living expenses and study materials abroad is out of your reach, you are wrong.

There are scholarships out there that can pay for everything and some except your flight ticket to another country. So, before you jump on a plane to study abroad, make sure to look into all scholarship opportunities that might fit your financial situation. If you are not from the US, Canada or Europe, you may be eligible for a scholarship from one of the following nine countries.

Here are Top 9 Countries Which Scholarship and Study Abroad is Best for You.

1) Canada:

What are some of the reasons why Canada is the best place for those who want to earn a Scholarship in canada and pursue a career in the international market? Let’s start with education. “Canada offers highly competitive tuition costs, which makes it an affordable destination for students looking to further their education,” said Emily Kowalchuk, a recent graduate of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law.

Students will be prepared to succeed in a foreign market by having taken Canadian courses, she adds. The government provides high-quality instruction, along with a wide variety of support services that help students complete their degrees.

2) United Kingdom:

Students from all over the world come to study and earn Scholarship  in the UK every year. According to the 2017 International Student Barometer, the U.K. was the most popular destination for study abroad in 2016, followed by France, Australia and Ireland. The U.K. is consistently ranked as the best place to study abroad because it’s one of the best places to live, according to the Economist’s World Live ability Survey (WLS). In addition, students who study in the UK will have access to excellent scholarships, generous living stipends and support for their studies.

3) United States:

“The United States is a country of immigrants who have made a home for themselves in the U.S.,” said Dr. Mary K. Moore, president of the Institute of International Education (IIE). “As one of the world’s largest and most innovative economies, the U.S. attracts students and scholarship from across the globe. It also remains open to talented students and scholars from around the world.”

4) Australia:

Australia offers the best opportunities for international students interested in studying abroad, according to a recent study conducted by QS World University Rankings, which ranked the top universities in Australia. The study found that in 2011, international students accounted for 18% of students enrolled in Australia’s leading universities. International students contribute to the economy and to the cultural diversity of the country.

5) Ireland:

Ireland is a great country to study abroad and earn scholarship because it is affordable, safe and you will be able to communicate with people in English. You will also be surrounded by a lot of young people who speak English.

There are many universities in Ireland, including Trinity College, University College Dublin, Dublin City University and Cork Institute of Technology. You can easily get in touch with the Irish government to find out more information about studying in Ireland.

6) Germany:

Germany is the best place in Europe to study abroad because it’s well-known for having a highly developed education system and world-class universities. Additionally, the country’s high literacy rate makes German university courses accessible to all levels of students. Furthermore, the country offers a wide range of scholarships and grants for international students that make studying in Germany much more affordable.

7) Netherlands:

In 2012, the European Commission estimated that around €9 billion ($11.7 billion) was lost to study abroad every year. Many of these students chose to study in the Netherlands, according to a survey conducted by the Erasmus Union. This was one of the main reasons why the Dutch government decided to award the country the title of “best place for study abroad.” In 2013, Dutch universities were ranked among the world’s top 30 for the first time.

8) Sweden:

Sweden is ranked among the top countries for study abroad. It is also home to the most competitive scholarships for international students. According to the Department of Education, Swedish students can apply for more than 60 different government scholarships. These scholarships cover both tuition costs and living expenses. The average scholarship pays about $12,000 in Sweden per year, depending on the scholarship.

9) France:

The French government is the second largest provider of scholarships in the world (after the US). In 2011, the French government awarded 10 million euros in scholarship to international students. Students can choose to study in France for one semester, one year, or two years, and the length of the program depends on the student.

The majority of scholarships are in the form of full funding, but there are also scholarships that are partially funded. There are plenty of other reasons to study abroad, but one of the greatest benefits is the opportunity to live and experience another culture.

Scholarships and study abroad programs can provide you with the opportunities to travel the world and study in another country. You don’t need to worry about paying for tuition because most scholarships include free tuition.

This means that you won’t have to pay anything. You can study abroad for the right reasons. If you are looking to become a doctor or a lawyer, you should consider studying abroad. You can work hard during your studies, and you will become a successful person.

In conclusion, if you have ever wanted Scholarship, you’ve probably heard all of the reasons why it’s so great. You can do more research, and learn the right path meet new people, and learn a new language. What you may not know is where to go to get the best deal on scholarships, and where to find the cheapest places to live, check the above country and make the most of them.

Top 10 tips for winning scholarships as an international student.

Scholarships are a popular choice for international students who want to study in the US, Canada or Australia, but they can be complicated. That’s why you need to make sure you get them right. Here are 10 things you need to know about scholarships for international students.

Introduction: If you’re a recent graduate or you’re about to graduate and you’re hoping to pursue further studies overseas, there’s no better way to kick off your academic career than by receiving scholarships for studying abroad. However, applying for these scholarships is no easy feat.

With so many scholarships available, choosing the right one can prove to be quite difficult. In fact, a lot of students actually end up wasting their time and money by applying for scholarships that are not worth their effort.

So what should you look out for when you’re applying for scholarships? Well, here are 10 things that you need to consider when applying for scholarships.

Top 10 Scholarship Tips for International Students:-

1) Have a Strong Essay

A strong essay is the foundation of a good GPA in college. If your essay doesn’t score well, chances are it will be a struggle to receive any kind of scholarship you might apply for. So, take time to craft your essays, and give them a solid edit before applying.

2) Submit A Letter Of Recommendation

To be eligible to win a scholarship, it is imperative that applicants provide convincing and objective recommendations. These letters can be very persuasive, especially when written by someone who knows the student well. The letter writer has to be objective, honest, and supportive of the applicant’s abilities. Students should be careful not to make any errors in the writing of this letter because they could hurt their chances

3) Apply Early

The top reason why students don’t apply early to win scholarships, according to the study, is that they fear they will lose out on other opportunities. But if you are a high-achieving student with a lot of options, it is unlikely that you will miss out on any scholarships if you apply too late. There are a lot of scholarships available, but if you apply too late, there will be less time to compete with other students. In fact, many scholarships require early applications to be successful.

4) Attend Open Houses

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! With thousands of international students across the world, attending open houses could give you an edge. Open houses, which are usually held at a university’s admissions office, give prospective students the opportunity to meet with faculty members, tour a campus, ask questions, and learn more about the school and its programs.

5) Apply to Many Colleges

By applying to many colleges, you increase your chances of getting into the school you really want. Also, you increase your chances of getting into the schools you really want because the application process tends to be the same no matter which college you apply to. So by applying to lots of colleges, you can maximize your chances of getting into a school you want by making sure you’re applying to the colleges that are most likely to accept you.

6) Stay Connected With The School

The key to having a successful college experience lies in finding a community of people who share your interests and your passions. Whether your passion is art, science, business, sports, music, or any other subject, if you can find like-minded individuals who are passionate about the same thing you are, you’ll be well on your way to building a network of people who will be more than willing to lend a helping hand when you need it.

7) Follow Up

With so many scholarship opportunities available for international students, finding the right one can be a daunting task. This is especially true if you’re looking to receive scholarship funding from institutions outside your home country, as those scholarships often come with additional rules and stipulations. To help ease the application process, follow it up in other to know the in and out of it as an international students.

8) Be Prepared For Interviews

Being ready to apply for a scholarship takes preparation and it can be difficult. There are many different factors that come into play when it comes to preparing to aply for a scholarship. Most schools require that international students apply for scholarships, and many colleges are willing to give out thousands of dollars for these students. You need to prepare for it process by getting the most out of your interviews, even if you aren’t the best candidate.

9) Be a Good Team Player

International students are often a diverse group of individuals who come together to learn and grow in their new countries. They bring with them an understanding of their home countries and cultures, but they also come with unique perspectives and skills to share with the rest of the class. As a student at an international school, you’re bound to encounter some challenges when adjusting to a new culture. You may also need to adjust your personal behavior if you want to be part of a cohesive and efficient class.

10) Build Relationships

So you have an interest in studying abroad as an undergraduate student. Or you are studying abroad and would like to continue to do so during the final year of your bachelor’s program? Maybe you are doing an internship abroad and need a scholarship to cover living expenses? Whatever the case, there are opportunities available for international students and scholars, especially those who can show that they have strong relationships and connections within the academic community.

In conclusion: For every scholarship you apply for, there is someone else who is applying for it and may be better suited than you are. So, be honest with yourself. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your application? Have you listed all of the opportunities and networks that you’ve been involved in? Do you think your chances are good or bad? If you are not sure, ask someone who knows about scholarships who is familiar with your academic and professional background.

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12 Quick Tips For New Entrepreneurs Who Have Little Or No Experience

Most people who are starting a new business have little or no experience running a startup. These tips can help you get off on the right foot.

If you’re new to entrepreneurship, you probably have some trepidations about your first business endeavor. You may feel overwhelmed, anxious or unsure whether or not you’ll be able to make it work. In fact, you may be feeling a little bit of both.

But if you’re willing to put in the necessary effort, you can overcome these fears and become a successful entrepreneur. After all, you already possess several great qualities that make you well suited for entrepreneurship: You are driven, motivated and eager to learn.

You’re self-disciplined and dedicated to your craft. You have a high degree of persistence and tenacity. You are creative and imaginative. You have an open mind and you are willing to consider new ideas.

You have an entrepreneurial spirit. So, if you’d like to become an entrepreneur, here are 12 quick tips to get you started.

If you’re starting a new business, chances are you don’t have much experience. But that’s okay! It takes time to learn. Here are 12 ways to get started right away.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

We all know that entrepreneurship can be dangerous and full of failure. Many new entrepreneurs feel compelled to succeed at any cost, but that’s not the case. In fact, in most cases, a big part of entrepreneurship is failing. The key is not giving up, and learning how to fail. You can’t move forward unless you try. So, if you’ve been looking for a way to get started without spending all your money, don’t fret – it’s a good thing. The next time you start a business, try something new, and put your heart into it. You never know what could happen.

Make Sure You’re Ready For A Failure

So if you’re going to fail, how do you know when you’re ready? It depends on your goals and risk tolerance. For example, if you want to start a business and not lose your shirt, then you might want to take the leap right now. But, if you don’t know if you’ll actually succeed in starting your own business, then you need to do your research and make sure you’re ready for the possibility of a failure. That means taking a deep dive into your financial situation and determining whether or not you have a safety net for a potential failure.

Focus On A Smaller Audience

What kind of market share do you need to succeed as an entrepreneur? A small audience. A large audience is easy, but an audience that’s too big is also easy. To be successful, you need to focus on a smaller audience and build relationships with people who you can talk to about your startup, product or service. This is where networking really shines for entrepreneurs.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes

As an entrepreneur, sometimes you’re going to screw up. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve failed, but that you haven’t done everything you could have. So don’t worry about it. If you don’t know what to do next, keep on moving forward. One thing I learned is that I’m always learning something new. Every day. I’m willing to listen to my customers, to my colleagues, and to my employees. My mistakes have shaped me into the leader that I am today.

Get Help From Friends And Family

It’s always easier to get someone to help you if you’re friends with them. The fact is, many entrepreneurs and small business owners who are just starting out don’t have a lot of friends or family who are willing to lend a helping hand. This can be a problem because in today’s world, you need every advantage you can get when it comes to growing your business. If you can convince your friend or family member to pitch in some free labor for you, they might just end up being a real life angel investor.

Find Inspiration From Successful People

In the world of entrepreneurship, there are a lot of inspirational stories. But most people aren’t willing to look past their own experiences and try to glean lessons from others’ success. Instead, they rely solely on their own experiences and try to apply the lessons to their own circumstances.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

New entrepreneurs often feel compelled to stick to proven formulas and formulas proven to work. The truth is that the reason these formulas work is because they’ve been proven to work. That said, experimenting with new approaches is vital to business success. It’s how you learn, grow, and evolve as a company. In fact, I’m a firm believer that all business models, including the “traditional” brick and mortar, can be built on experimentation.

 Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New

It’s easy to follow the crowd. Just like the song goes, if everyone’s doing it, it must be right. But the truth is, there’s always going to be something new and different and exciting. There’s no need to be afraid of trying out new things. It can be scary at first, but eventually you’ll be surprised at what you end up loving about the new venture.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

New entrepreneurs often approach their business ventures with a lot of fear and anxiety because they’re afraid they won’t be successful. But asking questions is a great way to start building a network of friends and resources in your field. After all, networking is what allows you to access valuable knowledge, advice, and mentorship.

Be Sure Your Business Is Legally Compliant

One of the biggest mistakes first-time entrepreneurs make is not checking to see if their business structure is legal. Legally compliant businesses aren’t only a little bit more profitable but also more efficient in running. A business that’s legally compliant can operate with one less legal department and is often more efficient. It’s also a lot easier to find financing.

 Keep Your Promises

To keep your promises and commitments to your audience, make sure that the products and services you’re offering are the highest quality possible. This will help you avoid being viewed as unreliable or untrustworthy.

Start With A Good Business Plan

We all have an idea for something we’d love to start. But without a plan to guide us along the way, we run the risk of spending time and money on something that doesn’t actually pay off. Whether you’re just looking for inspiration for your own startup, or trying to figure out how to turn your hobby into your next career, you have to have a good business plan first before you venture.

In conclusion, when you’re starting a new entrepreneur, you’re on your own. No matter how much money you have saved, no matter how many friends and family members have encouraged you, you have to be willing to do it yourself. Your friends and family are not going to build you a brand or business, create a website, design a logo, set up your eCommerce store, build your email list, find you clients, manage your social media accounts, run your advertising, create your products, and market your products. And yes, you’ll have to do those things yourself as well. Don’t worry; it’s just going to be a long journey.

So if you have a new entrepreneur and you don’t know what to do, here are some quick tips on this blog post to help you get started right away.

Apply for 2022 Apple Summer Internships for Students Worldwide

The 2022 Apple Summer internships are currently available to undergraduates from all over the world.

The opportunity to work on a range of projects and stipends of up to $6,700 per month are available to successful candidates for the Apple Summer internships.

Apple interns receive incentives for putting in more than 40 hours a week and also have the chance to attend several seminars and lectures.

Scholarship Summary:

  • Host: Apple
  • Category: Internships 
  • Eligible Countries: All Countries
  • Reward: Salary (Up to $6,700 per month)
  • Training + Networking
  • Deadline: Not Specified

Scholarship Details:

Any discipline undergraduate, graduate, and PHD students are eligible for the Apple Paid Internship. IELTS and the highest CGPA are not prerequisites for applying. A paid international internship is available at Apple during the summer of 2022. Numerous internship openings have been made public.

If you submit your application to Apple as a student, your team will accept you as a full participant, just like any other employee. That’s only one of the many ways you may influence this situation greatly.

Working with some of the brightest minds in the world, you’ll get practical experience. Although they hope to learn from you as well, you will still learn from them.

Scholarship Requirements:

To be considered for the Apple Summer Internships, you must satisfy the following:

  • Be currently enrolled in your penultimate year of studies in a Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related field
  • Coursework or exposure to advanced computer architecture and logic design
  • Coursework or exposure to OOP programming using HDLs/HVLs such at SystemVerilog or C/C++
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, results-oriented and well-organised working style
  • Ability to work well in a team and be productive under tight schedules
  • High level understanding of GPU architecture desirable

Scholarship Time and Benefits:

  • Apple interns earn $38 per hour, which is probably $6,700 per month.
  • Opportunity to work on a wide range of projects
  • Attend multiple workshops and lectures
  • Experience a unique culture
  • Work under the professionals
  • Opportunity to build networks

How To Apply:

To apply, candidates must be ready to submit your resume

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Australian Scholarships at Monash University for Postgraduate Students in 2022

Australian university Monash is currently looking for qualified local and international students who want to study there.

The Monash University Scholarships are offered to eligible students to cover full tuition fees and a stipend of $30,000 per year.

Her scholarship has provided enormous financial support, particularly to international students, and Monash University is currently placed top rated in the list of Best Global Universities.

Instead of needing to work part-time, they are able to engage in extracurricular activities, complete an internship, and concentrate on research projects. For the future of the medical industry, these have improved their technological talents.

Scholarship Summary:

  • Host Country: Australia
  • Study Abroad: Study in Australia 
  • Category: Postgraduate Scholarships | PhD Scholarships 
  • Eligible Countries: All Countries
  • Reward: Full Scholarship
  • Tuition fees
  • $30,000 Annual Stipends
  • Deadline: August 31, 2022

Scholarship Details:

The Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering at Monash University is now seeking eligible postgraduate students who are eager to conduct research there.

You have the chance to conduct research that is impacting the future with graduate research degrees from Monash Engineering. Seize the chance to influence society and address pressing challenges like climate change, traffic congestion, water supply security, sustainable energy, robotics, and more in a motivating, encouraging environment.

Over 1,000 graduate research students at Monash University are working in our areas of specialization as part of our commitment to preparing the next generation of research leaders.

PhD and Masters by Research scholarship opportunities are currently available with leading engineering researchers who are involved in pioneering research across 32different research themes.

Scholarship Requirements:

To be considered for the scholarship, you must:

  • Hold a First-Class degree in a related field
  • Meet the Master’s and PhD requirements of the university

Scholarship Timing and Benefits:

  • $30,000 per annum (tax-free) (2022 rate).
  • Tuition scholarships available to international students

How To Apply:

Step 1: Check your eligibility. 

Step 2: Find a supervisor search – available projects and supervisors, contact the supervisor to discuss the project (eg via Zoom or phone call), and then complete the Expressions of Interest Form

Step 3: Submit an expression of interest

Step 4: Obtain an invitation to apply

Step 5: Apply

Click on the button below to commence your application.

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Academic Excellence Scholarship at Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom

Bournemouth University Academic Excellence Scholarship in the United Kingdom is available for many Academic Courses to pursue Masters and Ph.D. Degrees.
Bournemouth University is offering a Scholarship for Partial Tuition Fees.

Scholarship Summary:

  • Host Country: United Kingdom
  • Study Abroad: Study in UK
  • Category: Masters Degree | PHD
  • Eligible Countries: International Students
  • Deadline: Different for Every Course

Scholarship Value

  • PHD degree: 15,921 pounds per year
  • Law Courses cost £10,000 per year.
  • While tuition is fully waived for other courses.

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Applicants must be international students.
  • The individual shouldn’t be receiving any other scholarships.
  • For this Scholarship, you must have a stellar profile.

Apply For The Scholarship

More information can be found on the BU Website.

Think Big Scholarships at Bristol University

Bristol University has committed £500,000 to assisting the admission of the top and brightest overseas students.
For courses beginning in 2023, Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships and Think Big Postgraduate Scholarships are offered.

Scholarship Summary:

  • Host Country: United Kingdom
  • Study Abroad: Study in UK
  • Category: Bachelors | Masters Degree 
  • Eligible Countries: International Students
  • Tuition fees
  • Deadline: 27 Feb/24 April 2023

Scholarship Eligibility

Applying for a Think Big Scholarship is possible if you:

  • are classified as an international student for tuition purposes
  • have applied to begin any full-time undergraduate program at the University of Bristol in September 2023, with the exception of those in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science; any one-year, full-time postgraduate program; or one of the eligible two-year programs in social work (MSc) or law (MA).

Scholarship Value

The value of the scholarships awarded to international undergraduate students is from £6,500 and £13,000 annually, and they can only be used to pay for tuition.

International postgraduate students may only apply their £6,500, £13,000, or £26,000 annual scholarship awards toward the cost of tuition.

Additionally, candidates can be qualified for a £3,000 living expenses award during their first year of study.

Apply For The Scholarship

Visit the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Webpages for more details

Scholarships for International Students at York University

York University provides Global Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships and International Entrance Scholarships of Distinction to international students who wish to pursue a full-time undergraduate degree at the University of York.

Scholarship Details

Host Country: Canada.
Study Abroad: Study in Canada.
Category: Undergraduate Scholarships
Eligible Countries: International Students
Deadline: January 15, 2023

Scholarship Eligibility

You must meet ALL of the following criteria to be considered for the Major International Scholarships:

• Must be an international student who is required to have a Study Permit to study in Canada

• Must have applied to an undergraduate degree program at York that begins in Fall 2023

• Applicants must have applied to York directly from high school no more than two years after graduation, and they must have no prior university or college studies (not applicable to Tentanda Via Award)

• An excellent academic record with a minimum “A” average or equivalent is required.

• Leadership must be demonstrated through community service or excellence in the arts, sports, or other areas of individual achievement.

• One letter of recommendation or other supporting documents, as applicable, must be uploaded.

• All required documents must be marked as “Received” in the York application (MyFile) by 1 February 2023, 11:59:59pm Eastern Time.

• Must complete and submit the online International Student Scholarship Application by 1 February 2023 at 11:59:59pm, Eastern Time

Scholarship Value

  • President’s International Scholarship of Excellence: $180,000 (four years at $45,000).
  • Tentanda Via Award: $120,000 ($30,000 x 4 years)
  • Global Leader of Tomorrow Award: $80,000 ($20,000 x 4 years)
  • All of the above scholarships are renewable for three years of full-time undergraduate study, provided that high academic standing is maintained in each academic year.

Apply For The Scholarship

Visit the Program WebPage for more info

MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship

This grant has been developed especially for DACA and international students.
Citizens of the United States and Canada who want to study in their respective countries are therefore ineligible for this scholarship.

Scholarship Details

Host Country: Canada and United States of America
Study Abroad: Study in Canada, Study in US
Category: Undergraduate Scholarships
Eligible Countries: International Students
Deadline: January 15, 2023

Scholarship Reward

  • Grand Prize: $10,000
  • Runner-Up: $2,000
  • Honorable Mention: $2,000

Scholarship Requirement

  • Obtain admission to or enrollment in a full-time degree program at a university in the United States or Canada that MPOWER supports.
  • Be an international student who is eligible to lawfully study in either Canada or the United States, as applicable:

This indicates that the candidate satisfies one of these requirements for study in the United States:

  • Possesses a valid visa allowing them to study in the US.
  • The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals protects (DACA)
  • Is a citizen of the United States (Green Card holder)

This means the candidate satisfies one of the following requirements for study in Canada:

  • Resides permanently in Canada
  • Possesses a valid study visa for Canada

Apply For The Scholarship

Visit the Program WebPage for more info

International Student Entrance Awards at the University of Winnipeg for 2023

Following graduation from a high school outside of Canada in the academic year 2022–2023, new international students who wish to enroll in studies at the University of Winnipeg will automatically be granted the University of Winnipeg Entrance Awards.

Depending on your entrance average, certain rewards will be given automatically, while others require an application. International students who are awarded an entrance scholarship after submitting an application are required to enroll in classes during the session for which the scholarship was provided.

Scholarship Details

Host Country: Canada
Study Abroad: Study in Canada
Category: Undergraduate Scholarships
Eligible Countries: All Countries
Reward: Full Scholarship
Deadline: February 1, 2023

Scholarship Requirement

Depending on your entrance average, certain rewards will be given automatically, while others require an application. The following requirements must be met by candidates in order to be eligible for awards:

  • For general admission, candidates must have a grade point average from the grade 12 high school courses of at least 85%.
  • Have not previously attended any other post-secondary institution for any reason other than to take dual credit courses for high school and college.
  • Students accepted with permission letters or with post-secondary transfer credits from other post-secondary institutions are ineligible.
  • Apply for admission to UWinnipeg no later than six months after high school graduation.
  • In order to be eligible for an award for the desired first term of study, you must submit a fully completed admissions application, along with all applicable fees and supporting documentation, no later than the award eligibility deadline.
  • Have not been chosen for any other entrance awards from UWinnipeg. New international students who have been offered multiple UWinnipeg scholarships will only be eligible for one entrance prize, whichever has the highest value.

Once chose to get a Global Exceptional Entry Grant, understudies should enlist for the accompanying least number of credit hours as indicated by their initial term of study:

  • Start of fall term: Within the first academic year, enroll in at least nine credit hours in both the fall and winter terms
  • Beginning of the winter session: In the winter term, enroll in at least nine credit hours, and in the spring term, enroll in at least six credit hours that last six to eight weeks; or at least nine credit hours in the upcoming fall semester.
  • Beginning of the spring semester: In the subsequent spring term, enroll in at least six credit hours spread out over six to eight weeks; or at least nine credit hours in the upcoming fall semester.

Apply For Scholarship

To apply for this scholarship Click here

2023 Nieman-Berkman Klein Fellowship in Journalism Innovation at Harvard University

Through the Nieman-Berkman Klein Fellowship in Journalism Innovation, people are brought to Harvard University to work on a particular line of inquiry or project pertaining to journalism innovation.

Scholarship Details:

  • Host Country: United States of America
  • Study Abroad: Study in US
  • Scholarship Eligible Countries: International
  • Reward: Full Scholarship
  • Deadline: 9th January 2023

About The Scholarship

Both the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society and the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard have long-running fellowship programs that provide a year of education and interaction with other members of the Harvard community. Their mutual objectives are innovation, journalism, and the advancement of the digital world.

Proposals from Nieman-Berkman Klein Candidates for the fellowship may address any topic pertaining to the digital transformation of journalism. Examples include developing fresh revenue streams to support journalism, creating brand-new reporting tools, or doing studies on how people consume news. Candidates must detail how their ideas would advance journalism.

Scholarship Requirements

  • People whose research on the Internet and society may be related to ongoing projects at the Berkman Klein Center and may introduce our community to fresh opportunities and ideas are encouraged to apply for the Nieman-Berkman Klein Fellowship.
  • People who believe that spending a year as a fellow in our diverse community would expedite their efforts and advance their ongoing personal and professional development are encouraged to apply to the Nieman-Berkman Klein Fellowship.

Scholarship Benefits:

There are two ways follows can get stipends:

  • Funding for the Berkman Klein Center: The Center only has a small budget to sustain fellows. Those selected through the open call for applications as Berkman Klein Center funded fellows are eligible to receive stipends of $75,000.
  • External funding: These applicants provide their own financial assistance in the form of a grant, scholarship, sabbatical, or other similar arrangement. In addition to this support, the Berkman Klein Center will provide a $10,000 extra stipend for living, travel, and research costs.

Method of Application:

Candidates who wish to apply for the Nieman-Berkman Klein Fellowships for 2023–2024 should fill out the fellowship application and indicate in the appropriate section that they are interested in being considered for the program.

  •  For more information visit the Program Webpage

2023 Masters Funded Scholarship For Foreign Student at UCL Global

International students from lesser economic country are encouraged and enabled by the Global Masters Scholarship to enroll in full-time Master’s degree programs at UCL. UCL was rated 2nd in the UK for research power in the Research Excellence Framework 2021 UCL is ranked 8th in the 2023 QS World University Rankings

UCL was the first university in England to welcome students of any religion, and to welcome women to university education

Scholarship Details:

  • Host Country: University College, London
  • Study Abroad: Study in UK 
  • Category: Masters Scholarships 
  • Eligible Countries: All Countries
  • Reward: Full Scholarship
  • Deadline: 27th April 2023 5pm BST

Scholarship Requirements:

Candidates can be from any country outside the UK but must fulfill all of the following criteria:

  • be eligible to pay the Overseas fee rate;
  • come from a lower income background;
  • AND have submitted an admission application for a full-time Master’s degree at UCL in 2023/24.

Scholarship Duration and Benefits:

  • The value of the bursary is £15,000.
  • The Global Masters Scholarship may be held alongside other scholarships, studentships, awards, or bursaries. The amount of the UCL award may be adjusted depending on the total value of other funds received by the student.
  • Scholarship recipients are obliged to inform the UCL Student Funding Office immediately of any other funding they are awarded towards their UCL Master’s degree studies, before or subsequent to the Global Masters Scholarship being awarded.
  • The scholarship will first be applied to the recipient’s tuition fees, with any remainder payable to the recipient in three equal instalments, throughout the academic year, towards maintenance.

How Long will the Program Last?

For one year

Method of Application:

You need to have submitted an admission application to UCL in order to apply for the scholarship.

While you do not need to have received an offer of admission to be eligible for this scholarship, you will need to have had your fee status confirmed by UCL Admissions.

Visit Award Webpage for Details

7 Business Lessons You Can Learn from Startups


Startups don’t have the luxury of an established business plan. They have to adapt and change as they go along or they’ll cease to exist. You can learn a lot from startups—even if you’re working at an established company. Here are seven lessons you can learn from startups that will help your career and your business succeed in its own right, too.

1) Everyone Has a Different Definition of Success

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to defining success in business. For some people, it’s all about making a lot of money. For others, it’s about making a difference in the world. And for some, it’s a combination of both. Whatever your definition of success is, there are plenty of lessons you can learn from startups. Here are seven things we learned while researching and writing our new book The Startup Way. Starting a company is hard. It takes persistence, patience, resilience and grit. But building an organization that’s sustainable over time takes more than just work ethic: it requires judgement, empathy and interpersonal skills too.
Startups don’t think like big companies.

2) A Good Team Works Better than One Great Person

No one person can do everything, and that’s especially true when it comes to starting a business. It takes a team of passionate, dedicated people to make a startup succeed. Even the most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they couldn’t have done it alone. There are too many different areas of expertise needed for a company to be successful: engineering, design, product management, marketing, sales. And those are just the basics; startups also need legal counsel, accountants, human resources professionals—the list goes on and on.
The Entrepreneur Who’s Been There: One reason why so many startups fail is because their founders don’t know what they’re doing.

3) Creativity is Crucial to Succeed in Business

In business, creativity is key to success. Many successful businesses are built on creative ideas. To be creative, you need to think outside the box and come up with new and innovative ideas. This can be a challenge, but it is essential to succeed in business. Here are seven business lessons you can learn from startups -Be adaptable: One of the most important qualities for a startup is being able to adapt to change quickly. Entrepreneurs have many obstacles to overcome and changes happen constantly in their industry; so entrepreneurs must be able to adapt without slowing down or giving up.
-Hire good people: If you want your startup to grow, hire great people who will make an impact on your company’s culture.

4) Build Trust First

When you’re starting a business, it’s important to build trust with your potential customers from the very beginning. Here are a few ways to do that -Know what your customer wants before they know what they want
-Offer an unprecedented product or service
-Give them a glimpse of your company culture
-Be transparent about any issues or problems

5) Don’t Follow Trends, Create Them

The business world is always changing, and it can be hard to keep up. It’s tempting to try to follow trends, but the most successful businesses are the ones that create them. If you want your business to thrive, you need to be a trendsetter. A great way to do this is by focusing on solving a problem instead of just copying what others are doing. One company who understands this well is Zappos which offers customers free shipping both ways and lifetime return protection because they understand how important customer service is for their success.

6) The Best Strategy is No Strategy

The best business strategy is no strategy. That may sound counterintuitive, but it’s true. The best way to succeed in business is to be flexible and adaptable, to go with the flow and seize opportunities as they arise. I would argue that this philosophy is more applicable for startups than for large corporations. Big companies have processes and procedures that are designed to limit flexibility, even if it means cutting corners on creativity or efficiency. Big companies often find themselves entrenched in what I call the tyranny of bureaucracy, which slows down decision-making at all levels of the organization. Startups don’t have these burdens so there’s more freedom for innovation and greater chance of success because of their ability to change course quickly when needed.

7) The Customer Is King

In the business world, the customer is always king. This means that you need to always be focused on providing the best possible experience for your customers, whether they’re buying your product or using your service. Startups are particularly good at this, as they often have a laser-like focus on their target market. By understanding your customers and what they want, you can create a successful business too.

10 Best International Universities to Study Abroad

If you’re considering studying abroad in a foreign university, then it’s important to know where the best universities are in the world

This list contains the 10 best universities worldwide to study abroad. There are many great universities, but here I have selected the top 10 that come across to me as being the best in terms of academic excellence, affordability, and quality of experience.

All of the schools listed are in English, so if you are studying in a non-English speaking country you will need to study the language beforehand. If you’re looking to expand your horizons and gain new perspectives on the world, I encourage you to think about studying abroad. Here are the top 10 universities:

The following universities are the top 10 best international universities offering programs abroad.

1) Harvard University:

Harvard University is ranked first in international rankings for academic excellence. It is known as one of the world’s leading universities and it’s no wonder that it is ranked first in its field. Harvard’s impressive reputation is built on many pillars, including research, teaching, and the quality of student life. Harvard students benefit from some of the best schools in the world.

As of the Fall 2015 semester, Harvard University has over 30 study abroad programs located around the globe. The university boasts some of the best undergraduate education programs in the world, making its top international universities to study abroad list.

2) The University of Manchester:

Studying abroad is a very popular decision amongst students who are looking to gain new experiences and build upon their own knowledge. University of Manchester offer an excellent international experience. They have better understanding of culture, language, and history. This makes them more marketable.

3) University of Cambridge:

The University of Cambridge is one of the top universities in the world. It’s ranked among the top 20 universities worldwide, and it is one of the top universities in the world for studying abroad.  University of Cambridge provides a global view, encourage international students and faculty, and offer international-focused education.

4) University of Oxford:

Oxford is regarded as one of the best universities in the world to study abroad. The University of Oxford was founded in 1396 as Oxford College, a place of learning. It became an independent university in 1833. It is a member of the Ivy League. The university has been ranked as the top university in the world by several publications, including The Times, the Financial Times and the US News and World Report. The school came in at No. 3, followed by the University of Cambridge.

According to the magazine, there are 1,200 universities that offer degrees from around the world. Of those, the University of Oxford and Cambridge hold the top two spots. Oxford holds a significant advantage over Cambridge, since the University of Oxford offers its students the opportunity to study in English

5) University of London:

University of London is among the most prestigious universities in the world. However, University of London is considered as one of the best international universities in the world.

They provide a high quality of education and have a variety of courses in various subjects including Law, Finance, Management, English Language, Computer Science and more. Students can pursue their studies after the completion of their bachelor’s degree in the University of London.

6) The University of Chicago:

The University of Chicago was ranked #1 overall and top 15 in the United States and top 5 in Europe. It was also rated the top university for international students in the world in 2014. It’s one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. It’s no surprise that students study abroad because of its outstanding reputation, competitive environment, and global reputation. The University of Chicago offers a variety of programs in the US and internationally.

While the University of Chicago has long been the premier university for business studies and economics in the United States, it’s also one of the best universities to study abroad.

7) Cornell University:

The Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is located on the Ithaca campus of the Cornell University, New York. The college has been ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world by Quacquarelli Symonds in 2008, and as the 9th-best agricultural university in the world by the same organization in 2014.

This means that Cornell ranks among the top 5% of all universities around the globe, and is one of the only universities in the United States that has two undergraduate colleges.

 Cornell University’s list is based on the quality of the education offered by the institutions. The universities are ranked according to the US News & World Report. The quality of education offered at these universities makes the students very competitive in terms of their prospects after graduation.

8) The University of Pennsylvania:

The University of Pennsylvania (Penn) is a private Ivy League university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The main campus is in the northern portion of the city, while Penn World Library and other administrative offices are located in the southern half of the city. Penn is a member of the Ivy League. Its undergraduate student body consists of about 10,000 students, including over 1,800 international students from more than 130 countries.

(Penn) has been consistently ranked among the top universities in the world, and this is partly due to the high level of international programs offered to students. Most of the courses offered through these programs are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). The school also has one of the largest alumni networks in the U.S.

9) The University of California, Berkeley:

The university is consistently ranked as one of the best international universities to study abroad. The university is known for its research and innovative teaching methods.

The university is known for its research and innovative teaching methods. The University of California, Berkeley has been ranked one of the top  universities in the world since the first ranking was conducted in 1954. The University of California, Berkeley is part of the University of California system and enrolls students from all over the world.

UC Berkeley offers more than 40 study abroad programs, many of which are available to students with undergraduate degrees in any field. Many students study abroad while they are attending college, but UC Berkeley offers academic credit for students who complete their courses online or in residence.

10) The University of Wisconsin, Madison:

The University of Wisconsin (UW) is a public research university located in Madison, Wisconsin. Established in 1848, UW has five campuses around the state and one in the capital city of Washington, D.C. UW offers undergraduate programs in more than 200 areas and graduate programs in more than 100 areas.

Students choose from over 80 majors and more than 200 minors, concentrations, and certificate programs. The school offers programs in the sciences, humanities, social sciences, fine arts, business, education, and law. They also offer study abroad opportunities.

The University of Wisconsin, Madison is a very prestigious university in the United States. It offers a wide range of courses to students that will allow them to study abroad. They have campuses located throughout the US and Canada, and in other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand.

In conclusion, There are many factors that you should consider when deciding on where to study abroad. The list below provides a top ten ranking of international universities based on several criteria such as: student body diversity, tuition costs, student satisfaction, and academic reputation. As a result, they can bring back a newfound sense of pride and global perspective to their home community.

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