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MTN Free Browsing Cheat Using HTTP Injector Ehi Config File | Settings

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MTN Free Browsing Cheat | Guide Using HTTP Injector Ehi Config File. For only MTN Users

HTTP Injector Ehi Config File | MTN Free Browsing Cheat This guide is for you if you want to overcome the 10mb cap and enjoy limitless MTN free browsing 2022. As a result, here’s another technique that makes use of HTTP Injector and the ehi config file.

MTN Free Browsing:

This guide is for you if you want to overcome the 10mb cap and enjoy limitless MTN free browsing 2022. As a result, here’s another way that uses HTTP Injector and its ehi config file, which you’ll change to get limitless MTN free internet this month.

HTTP Injector VPN delivers the faster connections and fixes the annoying disconnection issues you use to experience on AnonyTun and other VPN apps. The most interesting part is that this app is totally free to download and use on Android phones. Having said that, I will show you how to apply HTTP Injector settings and import the MTN config file in it. Remember that this cheat works both on Android and computers (PC) and it’s still blazing right now.

HTTP Injector vpn provides a quicker connection and eliminates the bothersome disconnection difficulties that AnonyTun and other vpn programs have. The best part is that you can download and use this software on your Android phone for free. After that, I’ll teach you how to configure HTTP Injector and import the MTN config file into it. Keep in mind that this cheat works on both Android and PC, and it’s still active right now. Here’s everything you’ll need to get started.

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  • An Android phone
  • MTN NG 3G or 4G sim without active data
  • Use the default MTN APN settings
  • Latest HTTP Injector vpn – download here.
  • HTTP Injector Config for MTN – download here.

Download New MTN and Cell C Config Files

Below is the list of newly updated HTTP Injector config files for MTN and Cell C.

NOTE: New MTN config files and Cell C config files above can be imported to HTTP injector for free browsing. You can the best cheat that will work in your country {South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, & Kenya}

How To Import Ehi Config File On HTTP InjectoVPN

  1. Download both the app and configuration file from the link provided above
  2. Install and open the HTTP Injector VPN app
  3. Next, tap on the Paper icon located at the top-right corner
  4. Now tap on Import Config and locate the MTN Ehi Config file and tap on it to import. MTN Free Browsing

How To Connect MTN Free Browsing On PC

You can either use PdaNet (no root required) or TetherNet VPN (root access required) to connect it and enjoy the tweak on PC. Follow below steps;

  • After installing Tethernet VPN app, Share hotspot from your phone to your PC.
    Connect your VPN app
    Open TetherNet app and tap on VPN as you are using a VPN connection mode
    Tap on Hotspot as you are sharing the connection via Hotspot
    Finally, tap on Start Connection
    You’ll get a popup message “Connection Share Through AP Hotspot”
    Now, start browsing in full speed on your PC. It powers the whole PC. You don’t need to set any Proxy on any browser. Just leave it at “Automatically Detect Settings”.
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The above procedure works only on rooted phones but if yours isn’t rooted, then use PdaNet. You can download it on play store and other third-party sources. You will need to download both the Android version and windows version for your PC,


STEP 1. Launch the Http Injector app and Clear any existing Config file ,so as to create yours. See Pics below

STEP 2. Click On Payload Generator

STEP 3: Under Payload generator, Input the following details. see the Screenshot pics.

STEP 4: After Payload is successfully Created, Then Input your remote Proxy -ip: port as shown below: [For Mtn users] [For Etisalat Social Me Users]

Then Tick the Start SSH box if you are using SSH Server
Note: If you have existing Super Fast ip and Port for social me, then you can input it

STEP 5: Then Input your SSH Server Login details, Then click on save

STEP 6: You can start the config first before exporting it, So as to know if the details in the config are corrected. After you have verify that the config file is okay, Then stop the connection and click On Export.

STEP 7: Under the Exporting Section, You have to Input The Config File name
Then you can set security to the config file by locking some Boxes as is Shown below
Then click on Export Config, wait for it to successfully Export. Then the file will be saved to Http Inector Folder inside your inter or External storage.

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STEP 8: Now try importing the config you just create to your Http Injector to know if the config file will import and Work.

That’s all About Creating Http Injector Config File.

If you have any question concerning HTTP Injector Ehi Config File | Settings | MTN Free Browsing Cheat, please feel free to use the comment box below and ask us your question. We will be very pleased to answer you.

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