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Templeton World Charity Foundation Grants for Africa

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The Templeton World Charity Foundation Launch Initiative To Find and Fund Hundreds Rising Exeptional and Cognitive Talent and Genius Africans

About Templeton World Charity Foundation
Templeton World Charity Foundation, established by Sir John Templeton in 1996, supports a diverse group of researchers to discover new knowledge, develop new tools, and launch new innovations that make a lasting impact on human flourishing.

We support people and projects that will form a robust pipeline of innovations aimed at improving key aspects of human flourishing.

Our strategy is not just about making interesting discoveries but also about translating those discoveries into practices that can be rigorously tested and launched for the benefit of individuals and communities.

The Templeton World Charity Foundation Launch Initiative To Find and Fund Hundreds Rising Exeptional and Cognitive Talent and Genius Africans

This initiative will support any individual working with a project or have a creativity purpose driven to show it to the world.

These individuals will possess a desire to connect with diverse audiences and enable global audiences to see what He/She can give to the world.

Funding Areas:

  1. Exceptional Cognitive Talent & Genius
  2. Voluntary Family Planning
  3. Science & Creativity.
  4. Tech

Our Approach to Grants

We strive to make our grantmaking process systematic, rigorous, and as streamlined as possible. Here are the six most important things you need to know and links to relevant details.

1) We only fund projects aligned with our major Funding Areas:-

Please read more about the Funding Areas specified by Sir John Templeton in the Foundation’s Charter.

2) Generally, we fund discrete projects:-
Our process and forms are not designed for other types of requests such as donations, operational support, or program support.

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3) Anyone can request funding from the Foundation:

Generally, we fund charitable entities that operate inside and outside of the United States. On rare occasions, we may fund individuals and for-profit companies doing charitable work that is consistent with our tax-exempt status.

4) Our application process has two stages:
Grant consideration begins with an initial Online Funding Inquiry (OFI) and, if invited, a detailed Full Proposal.

5) We review funding requests at specific times of the year:-
Please view our Grant Calendar.

6) All application materials are completed online in the Templeton Portal:-
Please visit our FAQ page and the Templeton Portal to create an account and get started.

How to Apply:-


Online Funding Inquiry (OFI)
The Online Funding Inquiry (OFI) is the required first stage of the Foundation’s grantmaking process. The OFI is a brief form requesting basic information about your proposed project. The basic information we request includes a project title, request amount, relevant dates, why the project is important, a brief description of the activities, and information on the people and organizations that would be involved.

If you would like to request funding, or if you are trying to determine whether the Foundation would consider supporting your project, please complete and submit an OFI.

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